It is certain that the mere act of inditing tends, in a great degree, to the logicalisation of thought. Whenever, on account of its vagueness, I am dissatisfied with a conception of the brain, I resort forthwith to the pen, for the purpose of obtaining, through its aid, the necessary form, consequence, and precision.
1844, Edgar Allen Poe, Marginalia

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Oddly Prompted

I call this page "Oddly Prompted" because it contains a list of odd prompts.

The prompts are generated by randomly selecting a story type, genre, occupation, scene location and scene prop. I throw them together into a sentence and voilĂ !

Here is a list from the odd prompt generator.

Click here to see the source of the prompts and to suggest your own elements.

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5/21/2022Write a Literary Fiction piece about a machinist who travels for work. At some point, the machinist must appear in a house and encounter a prescription pad (not necessarily at the same time).

5/19/2022Write a Science Fiction piece about a baseball coach who learns to ballroom dance. At some point, the baseball coach must appear in a spaceship and encounter a spacesuit (not necessarily at the same time).

5/9/2022Write a Science Fiction piece about an optometrist who watches TV. At some point, the optometrist must appear in a salon and encounter a ledger book (not necessarily at the same time).

5/8/2022Write a Detective piece about a heavy equipment operator who plays an extra in a TV show. At some point, the heavy equipment operator must appear in a tailor shop and encounter cleaning supplies (not necessarily at the same time).

5/4/2022Write a Literary Fiction piece about a chimney sweep who gets into a car accident. At some point, the chimney sweep must appear in an animal hospital and encounter an oil paint (not necessarily at the same time).




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