It is certain that the mere act of inditing tends, in a great degree, to the logicalisation of thought. Whenever, on account of its vagueness, I am dissatisfied with a conception of the brain, I resort forthwith to the pen, for the purpose of obtaining, through its aid, the necessary form, consequence, and precision.
1844, Edgar Allen Poe, Marginalia

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    6 Easy Steps To Great Character Mapping Extracted from an article on
    Backstory (PDF) Definition, example, and a worksheet for writing backstory.
    Character Sketches (PDF) Outline for describing a character
    Character Style Sheet A method for keeping track of the details about your characters.
    Character Types (PDF) A discussion of character types by role and by quality. Extracted from an article on
    Personality Masks An extract from an article on titled "11 Personality Masks We Wear".
    The Five Dimensions of Character An extract from an article on titled "Using Psychology to Create Memorable Characters".
    The Stories We Tell Ourselves A summary of questions from a workshop by Gregg Levoy titled "The Stories We Tell Ourselves".
    Tips For Your Character Biographies Extracted from an article by Susan Kouguell



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